Invest in Andorra

With an excellent location in the middle of the Pyrenees, Andorra is a country known worldwide not only for having a privileged situation in the middle of nature, but also for offering high levels of quality of life, as well as numerous tax advantages that favor both the arrival of workers and the establishment of new companies.

It goes without saying that all these advantages, complemented by other strong points such as a low crime rate and a new legal framework open to investment , make Andorra an excellent destination for all those real estate investors interested in acquire properties in the Principality. Aware of the importance of Andorra as a destination country for real estate investors, from Casanova we make available to all our clients the necessary advice to identify those properties that best suit the client's investment requirements .

Why is it interesting to invest in Andorra?

As we have explained, Andorra offers all kinds of social, economic and fiscal benefits that invite and encourage the arrival of new real estate investors from all over the world. Among the various singularities that make Andorra an ideal country for investment, its fiscal environment stands out with one of the loosest policies in the world.

A policy that results in the existence of the lowest value added tax in the Old Continent, with an IGI of 4.5%, as well as income tax rates ranging from 5 to 10%. In the area of investment, the benefits are even higher, as the corporate tax is 10%, but there are several bonuses of up to 80%.

Andorra, first-rate tourist reference

Aside from tax benefits and legal stability, every real estate investor must make sure, in order to guarantee the success of his investment, that the selected destination is also attractive from a territorial point of view. Thus, before closing any operation, the investor evaluates other aspects that will undoubtedly make the difference between the success and failure of an investment.

In this sense, there is no doubt that Andorra starts with a clear advantage over other countries with similar conditions, since for many years it has been fully consolidated as a top-level tourist reference, receiving millions of visitors annually from all over the world

It goes without saying that this value as a tourist powerhouse, together with an enviable natural environment and a pleasant climate with many hours of sunshine throughout the year, are other fundamental factors that make Andorra a very favorable destination for starting operations investment , either in plots, premises, new building developments or residential properties of all kinds.